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Haycom can provide a range of quality bespoke services created to your business needs

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B2B Services 

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Additional Services

Pre Campaign Discussion

Prior to launching a campaign, I invest time understanding your business, goals, and key deliverables, ensuring a tailored approach.

Call Documents

After understanding your business and growth goals, I'll create a client handbook and call approach that evolves as we build our relationship.

Target Markets & Wish Lists

We explore your target and vertical markets, preferred business type, employee count, location, and desired data sources during our discussion.

B2B Telemarketing, Research and Training

  • Appointment Setting

  • Lead Generation & Evolution

  • Event Follow-ups

  • Wish List Development

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research

  • Pilot Campaigns

  • Standalone telemarketing campaigns

  • Constantly Evolving Service

Onsite Telemarketing Consultancy Services

Location Depending

  • Project Development 

  • Campaign Planning

  • Consultation & Advice

  • Team Training 

  • Campaign Documentation

  • Team motivation and advisory service

Trade & Commerce Events ​​​

​I can help promote your events and contact invitees in advance. I am also available to attend trade shows, engage visitors, collect leads, arrange meetings, and seek out new prospects on your behalf.

Being Part of the Team

I can attend any online team meetings to feedback progress to the rest of your team, if required.   

Internal Communication 

I can communicate with your sales team on things like objection handling or feedback from meetings and any further discussion or developments needed to improve my service to you.

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