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Based near to Cambridge and London, Haycom is strategically located to connect with the most pioneering and innovative organisations in the UK.


Fiona brings a wealth of professional experience and a strong inclination to work with organisations that prioritise cooperation, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and education. 

At Haycom, we believe in forging partnerships with forward-thinking businesses that share our values and aspirations. By combining our expertise and passion, we strive to drive positive change and foster growth within the realms of business development and beyond.

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Fiona Haygreen
Business Development Consultant

My Journey


Haycom, my business development consultancy, was launched in May 2021 as my  lockdown success story. With nearly three decades of experience in business-to-business sales and telemarketing account management, I have devoted my career to cultivating success in these fields.

Three years ago, a life-changing kidney transplant altered my path, leading to an extended period of shielding and remote work. This time of reflection and introspection inspired me to establish my own consultancy in early 2021. Drawing upon my 11-year tenure at a B2B telemarketing agency, where I crafted impactful telemarketing campaigns for clients, I embarked on this new chapter with fresh enthusiasm and determination.

Since then, I have been fortunate to collaborate with exceptional clients, many of whom were referred to me through positive recommendations. Remarkably, two of these clients have remained loyal partners for over two and a half years, a testament to the value I bring to their organisations.

Looking ahead, I am committed to supporting others in expanding their client base while fostering the growth of my own. I eagerly embrace the opportunity to contribute to the success stories of businesses across various industries.

When I'm not working on bringing in new opportunities for clients, I am a part time artist specialising in ceramics and acrylic paintings, an avid am-drammer and the lead vocalist in a local band. 

Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

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